Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How Do I become a Caledonia Township Paid On-Call (POC) Firefighter?
 A: If you are interested in becoming a POC firefighter for Caledonia Township you must be at least 18 years of age. You must submit a completed application to the fire department either by mail or in person. Applications can be obtained from the Caledonia Township web site under the 'I want to...' tab then select 'Apply for Employment'. 
 Q: How do I schedule a fire truck to attend my event?
 A: Contact the Fire Department administration office by phone or email to schedule appearance of one of the apparatus at your event.
 Q: Can I get my blood pressure checked at the fire station? 
 A: Yes. You are welcome to stop by the fire station during staffed hours and request your blood pressure be taken by on of the on duty firefighters. The fire station is located at 8192 Broadmoor Ave SE.
 Q: Does the fire department fill swimming pools? 
 A: No, we do not fill swimming pools. However, if you live in an area where there are fire hydrants near your home you can apply for a hydrant permit through the Township Utilities Department. 
 Q: Who do I call if I have an issue with a fire hydrant?
 A: If you have an issue with a fire hydrant in Caledonia Township, please contact the Township Utilities Department.
 Q: Do you install car seats or do car seat inspections?
 A: Yes, by appointment only. The Caledonia Township Fire Department currently has one Certified Car Seat Technician. Please contact Lt. Kyle Fennell via email at or phone at 616.891.0140 ext 223 to schedule an appointment.
 Q: How do I get a burn permit?
 A: Burn permits can be obtained by calling the Caledonia Township Fire Department at 616.891.0140. You must call the day you are burning and be prepared to give your address, the material you plan to burn and the approximate size of the pile to one of the on duty firefighters.
 Q: How do I get a copy of a Fire Department Incident Report?
 A: You may be granted a copy of an incident report under the Freedom of Information Act. Please submit your request in writing to Jennifer Venema, Township Clerk. Click here for a FOIA Request form.
 Q: Where should I place smoke detectors/alarms?
 A: the NFPA recommends that smoke alarms be placed inside and outside each bedroom and sleeping area, on every level of the home, in the basement, on the ceiling or high on a wall, and away from the kitchen to reduce false alarms (at least ten feet away from the stove).
 Q: Where should I place Carbon Monoxide detectors/alarms?
 A: The NFPA recommends that Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms be placed outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home.