Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How can I get an absentee ballot?
 A: You must submit a completed absentee application to the Clerk's office. You may mail, email or hand deliver it to the Township Office. If you choose to apply for your ballot in person, you must have your photo ID with you.  If you submit your application by mail or email, you ballot will be mailed to you. For more information on absentee voting, click here.
 Q: Can someone else pick up my ballot on my behalf?
 A: No. Michigan Election Law states that un-voted Absentee Ballots may only be issued to the voter either in person or by mail. Ballots may not be given to a spouse or any other person on behalf of the voter.
 Q: When does my ballot have to be returned? 
 A: Your ballot must be received in the Clerk's office by the close of polls (8:00pm) on election day in order to be processed.
Q: How much do cemetery plots cost?
A: Fees are based on residency. If you are a Caledonia Township resident plot fees are $200/ plot. For non-residents the fee is $500/plot.