Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Questions Frequently asked of the Treasurer’s Office:

 Q: When are Summer taxes billed?
 A: Summer taxes are billed the first week of July and are due September 14 
 Q: When are Winter taxes billed?
 A: Winter taxes are billed the first week of December and are due February 14th.
 Q: What happens if I pay my tax bill late?
 A: Tax payments received after the due date will be subject to additional fees and interest as prescribed by law. If your payment is late, please contact the Treasurer's Office for the amount due.
 Q: Why is my mortgage company is listed on my tax bill?
 A: If your mortgage company is listed on your tax bill, we have already sent a copy of the bill to them. However, it is still your responsibility to make sure they pay your taxes from your escrow account.
 Q: How do I know if I am receiving the Principle Residence Exemption?
 A: A Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit must have been filed with the Township in order to be eligible for the Homestead Exemption.  If the line titled “Cal School Oper” on your tax bill says "EXEMPT" then you are receiving the Homestead Exemption. 
 Q: I am a Village resident, which tax bill includes my Village taxes?
 A: Village Taxes are included as a line item on the Township Summer Tax Bill